Dogs and Warm Weather

Dogs and the warm weather

Our friends over at Dog Training Secrets¬†say the sunshine can be a great and beloved thing, but sometimes, we really just want to cool off. We can’t forget our well trained puppy too! With their coats of fur, it’s easy for them to become dehydrated or overheated. However, there are numerous ways for you and your dog to beat the heat and keep cool together in the warmer weather…and have loads of fun doing it!
What can I do with my dog in the warm weather?

Dog Friendly Activities

While the heat can be such a pest, we can still do many activities with our dogs in the warm weather. One option is to simply enjoy a nice, icey treat with your dog. You can typically purchase “doggy” ice-cream or Popsicle at your local store, if not…there are endless easy recipes online to make cold treats for your pup!

Find a shady spot, grab a Popsicle for yourself, and bring your canine friends treat along with you! Bringing along some icey water for you and your dog is also a wonderful idea! Not only will your dog will be over the moon about this tasty treat, but it will also help to hydrate your pup…and hydrate you in the process! Remember: hydration is key in the warmer weather. Another way to keep you and your pup busy in the hotter days, is to go for a refreshing swim! If you own a swimming pool, your dog might love to swim alongside you. However, some smaller dogs just might want to be held in your arms to cool off, rather than to actually swim. If you don’t own a pool, all hope is not lost! While public pools typically frown upon bringing your furry friends to their pool, there are many other options for some fun in the water! With just a quick online search, you will find numerous “doggy” pools for sale. Your dog will love to hang out with you while he’s wading in his very own pool. Also, don’t forget that you can simply use sprinklers and hoses! Get some exercise with your pet by running through the sprinklers together, or simply get creative and play around with the water hose! Most dogs love boat rides and lake trips.Dog Friendly

If you can, find a nearby lake that allows dogs on the premises, and go fishing with your pup! While you use a rod, he will probably use his face. Dogs love to go into the shallow area of the lake and look around for fish. What could be better than a relaxing day at the lake with your best furry friend? On warm days where the sun isn’t too hot, the park is a dog approved place to visit. Throw a frisbee or toss a ball around with your pet. Just be sure to bring lots of water and to stop the activities when your dog seems to be getting tired. Experts suggest that the best playtime is in the morning or evening. However, they do not suggest humid weather or right after your dog has eaten.
What else should I know about dogs in warmer weather?
In the warm months, it’s most important to keep your pup safe! When bringing along your dogs in the hotter months, be sure not to leave them alone in your car. Even if it is a cloudy day, experts express extreme caution as the clouds can reflect heat back into the car. Experts also say that even with a cracked window, the car may still get too hot for living things. As mentioned, dogs can get dehydrated quickly so always have water in hand. Another pesky thing about the warmer weather are all the mosquito, ticks, and fleas that like to attach themselves to your dog. Timely trips to the vet will help in the prevention of these pests. Keeping your pup healthy is one of the best things you two can do together in the warmer months!
As you can see, there is just so many fun and refreshing activities that we can do with our favorite dog friends in the warmer weather!

Having Fun With Your Dog in Miami

What to do with your dog in Miami

When thinking of Miami, Florida, it’s easy to come up with all kinds of “human” activities, but some may not know that there are endless, dog friendly activities for your canine friends as well!
Our friends over at dog training basics secrets have some dog and puppy ideas for you.
We all know that a dog and it’s owner’s bond is irreplaceable. That’s why it’s so important to incorporate some activities with your pup into your day to day routine, and what better place to do that than Miami? So whether your just on vacation or living there, let’s dive into some truly amazing, dog friendly places in beach
What can I do with my dog in Miami, Florida?
There are many fun and interesting spots to take your furry friend. Is your dog hungry for a treat? Be sure to take him over to Doggie Bag Cafe…Florida’s first ever restaurant for dogs! From burgers to birthday cakes…Doggie Bag Cafe is sure to satisfy all your dog’s hunger cravings! Even better, all food served is organic, safe, and healthy for your dog! This is just one of the ways to make a pup happy in Miami.
Another way to please your canine is to take him over to some of the many nearby dog parks in town. Local’s suggest “Dog Park at Haulover Park” as a great spot for you and your animal friend to visit. It’s 3.3 acres and has gates to separate the large dogs from the smaller dogs to ensure the ultimate safety for your pup. Because it’s gates, your dog is free to go off leash and run around! The park also includes doggy play equipment. It features water fountains for both owners and their dogs to ensure that everyone remains hydrated in the hot Miami sun. Not only is this park highly recommended, but it’s also located seaside as well! Other great dog park suggestions include; Perrine Wayside Dog Park, Amelia Earhart Dog Park, Lago Mar Dog Park, and Martell Bark Park.
Of course, a favorite Miami pastime is a visit to the beach. Unfortunately, most beaches don’t allow dogs on the premises. Luckily, there are a few local beaches dedicated to dogs! One great offering is over at Bark Beach in North Shore Open Space Park. There is a varying fee however, but Bark Beach continuous to get positive rating and reviews. A leash is required and proof of vaccination may also be required, as well. Your dog will love to splash around in the ocean’s waves, and to dig around in the plentiful sand.
Not only are there specific dog themed activities in Miami, but there are also many other places that you can bring your dog along with you! We all know that dogs love a good walk, Lincoln Road is a wonderful shopping district that allows your dog to join you on your latest errand run. Better yet, all restaurant’s will allow your dog to sit aside you as you eat your meal…and some restaurants even have pooch themed food and treats on their menu! What could be better than a lovely dinner date with man’s best friend?
Miami, Florida offers an abundance of wonderful activities for you and your dog both to enjoy together. So, next time your heading out, be sure to bring your dog along to discover all of the dog friendly spots that Miami has to offer.

What to do with your dog in Florida

What to do with your dog in Florida

Florida a place filled with fun, sun, and endless activities. What some may not realize is that Florida is an extremely dog friendly state! Florida is home to a ton of dog owners, and many travelers even opt to bring their dog along with them on their vacations to the sunshine state.

What are some things that I can do with my dog in Florida?
You and your dog can share some time together by the sea. There are many different dog friendly beaches alongside the state of Florida. One, for example, is Jupiter Beach in Jupiter, Florida. What makes this beach more unique is the fact that your playful pup can go off-leash to play in the sand and splash around freely. To find a nearby dog friendly beach, run a quick search online and you will be sure to find one close by. Don’t forget to bring water and sunscreen! Most dogs love to cruise in a boat, and feel the wind in it’s coat. With Florida’s many lakes and beaches, it’s easy to take your pup on an adventure at sea. If you don’t own a boat, don’t fret! There are many options that will get you and your canine out in the open water. One option is to, of course, rent a boat. However, there are some amazing dog-themed boating activities out there in Florida! For example, Lazy Dog Kayak in Key West, Florida will sure to please both you and your dog. Lazy Dog Kayak offers kayak rentals for dog owners. Climb aboard your kayak with your pup, and set out on an adventure. There is even a nearby sandbar just for you and your dog to visit! Key West Florida also offers another exciting excursion,”Wild About Dolphins” where you and your pup can go dolphin watching whilst enjoying the wind in your hair and fur.There are endless water options for you and your dog. Don’t forget that you and your pup can always take a dip in the pool, or splash around in the hose and sprinklers! If you and your dog aren’t feeling like being around the water, there are many dog parks across the state of Florida. Some highly recommended spots are Enterprise Dog Park in Clearwater, Florida and West Orange Dog Park, in Winter Garden, Florida. Both parks offer safe spots for you and your dog to run around and play with water fountains, shades, and playgrounds. Another great thing about Florida, is that you often do not have to leave your dog behind at home! There are a ton of outdoor shopping centers where your dogs are more than welcome to join you! Better yet, there are also tons of restaurants that offer pet friendly patios! Some even offer dog treats on their menus. What could be better than dining with your dog?If you are looking to vacation in Florida, many hotels, resorts, and condos allow your dog to lodge with you! Planning a trip to the beach? Try Summerplace inn located in Destin, Florida. With a fee, you can bring your dog and get a special first floor room. Hitting the theme parks? Disney World in Orlando, Florida offers two dog friendly hotel spots. If you enjoy camping, and own a camper, you can bring your dog to the full-hook up campsites at the Fort Wilderness Campgrounds. Another Disney option is Best Friends Pet Care. Here your dog will be treated like royalty in this animal-only hotel. Wherever you are traveling to in Florida, you will be sure to find a pet-friendly solution with just some quick research.
The state of Florida is a wonderful place for dogs and their owners. What makes the state unique is that you can bring along your dog with you to many different spots, allowing you and your dog’s bond to strengthen. Your dog will love all of the wonderful amenities Florida has to offer, and so will you!

Curbing Dog Obesity

Curbing Dog Obesity

In the last decade the United States has seen obesity become a huge issue for society as a whole. Children, teenagers and adults are overweight and experiencing health problems due to our poor eating habits and lack of activity. Our nation is continuously working on providing healthier options and educating the public on food consumption. Who knew this issue would directly translate to our pets.

What YOU Need to Know: Between 20 and 40 percent of all dogs seen by veterinarians in the United States are considered Fat Dog Miamioverweight, and many are clinically obese. When a dog is obese they lose speed and stamina, which makes any movement difficult.

Furthermore, a dog can become heat intolerant, where they cannot regulate their body temperature, which can be a serious problem in Miami. Digestive disorders can develop as well.

Carrying extra weight puts more stress on joints, bones, and ligaments causing permanent damage to their frame. In addition, lack of environment change and activity will increase boredom and destructive habits.

Our mission is to keep your pet Fit, Healthy and Happy. Here are some great ideas to start an active journey, to get you and your dog moving! These activities will strengthen the bond between you and your pet, give them mental and physical stimulation and keep your pup in good spirits.