What to do with your dog in Miami

When thinking of Miami, Florida, it’s easy to come up with all kinds of “human” activities, but some may not know that there are endless, dog friendly activities for your canine friends as well!
Our friends over at dog training basics secrets have some dog and puppy ideas for you.
We all know that a dog and it’s owner’s bond is irreplaceable. That’s why it’s so important to incorporate some activities with your pup into your day to day routine, and what better place to do that than Miami? So whether your just on vacation or living there, let’s dive into some truly amazing, dog friendly places in Miami.miami beach
What can I do with my dog in Miami, Florida?
There are many fun and interesting spots to take your furry friend. Is your dog hungry for a treat? Be sure to take him over to Doggie Bag Cafe…Florida’s first ever restaurant for dogs! From burgers to birthday cakes…Doggie Bag Cafe is sure to satisfy all your dog’s hunger cravings! Even better, all food served is organic, safe, and healthy for your dog! This is just one of the ways to make a pup happy in Miami.
Another way to please your canine is to take him over to some of the many nearby dog parks in town. Local’s suggest “Dog Park at Haulover Park” as a great spot for you and your animal friend to visit. It’s 3.3 acres and has gates to separate the large dogs from the smaller dogs to ensure the ultimate safety for your pup. Because it’s gates, your dog is free to go off leash and run around! The park also includes doggy play equipment. It features water fountains for both owners and their dogs to ensure that everyone remains hydrated in the hot Miami sun. Not only is this park highly recommended, but it’s also located seaside as well! Other great dog park suggestions include; Perrine Wayside Dog Park, Amelia Earhart Dog Park, Lago Mar Dog Park, and Martell Bark Park.
Of course, a favorite Miami pastime is a visit to the beach. Unfortunately, most beaches don’t allow dogs on the premises. Luckily, there are a few local beaches dedicated to dogs! One great offering is over at Bark Beach in North Shore Open Space Park. There is a varying fee however, but Bark Beach continuous to get positive rating and reviews. A leash is required and proof of vaccination may also be required, as well. Your dog will love to splash around in the ocean’s waves, and to dig around in the plentiful sand.
Not only are there specific dog themed activities in Miami, but there are also many other places that you can bring your dog along with you! We all know that dogs love a good walk, Lincoln Road is a wonderful shopping district that allows your dog to join you on your latest errand run. Better yet, all restaurant’s will allow your dog to sit aside you as you eat your meal…and some restaurants even have pooch themed food and treats on their menu! What could be better than a lovely dinner date with man’s best friend?
Miami, Florida offers an abundance of wonderful activities for you and your dog both to enjoy together. So, next time your heading out, be sure to bring your dog along to discover all of the dog friendly spots that Miami has to offer.